Neck Tie School Bag

neck-tie-school-bagI finally sewed my neck tie bag. I followed a lot of the other examples on but made it a lot more simple. I haven’t really sewed before, but this project was pretty easy. I used black thread and the zig zag stitch. The top has a zipper. I didn’t line it or do anything fancy. I’ve been using it for about 6 months now and been putting all my school folders, books, etc. in it (it is a large bag). So far it has held up really well, despite all the heavy stuff in it. I got all the neck ties from the Freecycle community (McLean branch). Thanks to all the retired gentlemen who gave me their ties and could contribute.

UPDATE: Since this I have been commissioned to make a similar bag for a woman who works at my school out of her father’s ties (who recently passed away). I think this is such a great idea and such a nice way to remember someone. Something to keep in mind if you sew!

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  1. Cierra

    I really like your bag idea.. I want a prom dress made out of ties but i havnt figured out how i am going to do it yet..But i realli like the idea of your bag

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